Why not to have a beach wedding

Why not to have a beach wedding

There seems to be a growing trend for beach weddings.  I’ve stayed at a couple of resorts where weddings were happening and my thought was that it didn’t look all that appealing.  But that’s just me.  Here are some things to ask yourself if you are considering a beach wedding:

Will everyone that I want there be able to come?

No one wants to cause financial hardship on another so consider your guest list.  Will those that you want in attendance be financially able or willing to make the trip?  Can you subsidize travel?

Do you really want all those beach spectators?

If your wedding is on or near the beach, you can be sure that there will be wedding crashers aplenty.  They might be on the other side of a roped off area but people are attracted like moths to a light if there’s a bride in the vicinity.  Will that still make for the intimate exchange of vows that you’ve dreamed of?

What if it rains?

Of course, you play with these odds for any outdoor wedding.  I recently “attended” a beach wedding reception,  well actually I was on the other side of a rope waiting in line for a resort restaurant to open, and there were ominous clouds on the horizon.  Tropical rains are usually short-lived but can happen with almost daily regularity depending on the season (this was the end of February and they did occur almost daily).  The nuptials had came off without a hitch, well they did get hitched but you know what I mean, they had a few cocktails, soup was served, and then “whammo”.   Just after the main courses were placed before the wedding guests, the rain started.  I could see all of this from my front row seat in the restaurant.  Now dresses were hitched up (guess this was a theme wedding) and the wedding party and guests ran for cover in the restaurant where I was dining.  Fortunately there was room and they were able to resume their meal there but now they had the rest of the restaurant patrons and staff joining them.  How romantic?!

How much for those sunglasses?

As I sat in my lounge chair at our beach resort, just feet away from my outstretched feet appeared a wedding party with a photographer for their photo shoot.  The lovely cooling wind whipped their hair around and strands attached to glossy lips. Not all of the bridesmaids looked so pleased about stepping into the water in their long gowns, they squinted in the blazing sun, and the men looked oh so hot in their tuxes.

Beach vendors paced back and forth along the beach, people swam past in the background, others strolled by, onlookers gathered, boat after boat sailed past, planes pulling banners advertised local nightlife, and the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed this resort entertainment with an open bar (it was an all-inclusive).  I repeat . . . how romantic is this?!

How much for those sunglasses?

How much for those sunglasses?


Will your spirituality be addressed?

I prefer the traditional church wedding because of my spiritual beliefs and that’s a personal thing.  Will your spirituality be satisfactorily addressed on the beach?

These are just a few things to consider and there are probably ways to avoid most of these issues.   I’m not saying that a beach wedding at the right location couldn’t be perfectly wonderful, but it sure wouldn’t have been my choice.