It’s a no-brainer.  If you are taking a holiday with WestJet Vacations, book the Plus Upgrade!  For an extra $50, that gives you seats up front, more legroom, anything and all you want off of the food menu, and all of your alcohol. If there’s availability you can book this ahead of time, when checking in, and you can even upgrade once you are on board!

On my recent WestJet vacation, a couple of Plus passengers were ringing for the flight attendants and wandering up front to keep their drink service flowing without interruption.  They were way too excited about the open bar but the crew did really well at discouraging their overindulging with tact.  I have read online that the Plus upgrade also includes pre-boarding but that was not the case on our trip to and from the Dominican Republic. As usual, tea, coffee, soft drinks, and little snack packets of cookies or crackers are complimentary to all on board but other food and drink must be purchased if you are not in the Plus section. I think that this upgrade option is a relatively recent offering and it almost felt like flying first class.


Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A shout-out to our flight attendant on the return journey, Katherine.  Hope that I have spelled her name correctly.  Hubby was way under the weather, we think from something he ate earlier that day (it happens), and she was ever so attentive.  The captain asked that she fill out a report which she did.  She also contacted a doctor by satellite with the symptoms, and asked if we wanted her to see if there was a doctor on board (which we declined).  It was a rugged four hours but by the end of the flight my dearest was feeling a whole lot better.  And it was all so much easier being up front in the Plus seats with more room for him to stretch out, and closer proximity to the attendants.

Then, dash it all, didn’t I go and I realize that I must have left my cell phone in the seat pocket when we were in the baggage area.  Initially we were not in the Plus section; we upgraded while on board. Then once up front,  I had switched from a middle seat to an aisle seat so DH had more room and forgot to check the seat pocket there.  And this is at 4 in the morning (yeah a crazy time of day for a scheduled arrival) when he was just dying to get home after his bout of illness.   But a shout-out to Sarah and Kelly (also with WestJet) who coordinated getting back on board the aircraft and carefully searching for my missing phone.  Kelly was communicating with Sarah at my direction to check this seat, and then “no check that seat”, and finally the correct seat.  I must have seemed such a dingbat in my tired stupor.  And in these wee hours of the morning, I’m sure they were as tired as we were and wanting to get home.  But they were so friendly, patient and nonjudgmental.  Customs had to be called back in to allow Sarah back through with my phone and finally we were on our way.  Phew!  The moral of that digression is don’t just check the seat pocket in front of you; consider where else you may have been sitting and check there as well!!  And get the upgrade!

Want to look up at the same palm trees that I did?   Here ya go with a wee little YouTube clip.