Solo travelers have this nailed. There’s a little (or a big) something extra when you grab a few moments of alone time to absorb what is meaningful to you in your current destination, as recently revealed to me in Lucerne, Switzerland. My gang of fellow travelers could see rain clouds on the horizon so the obvoius decision was to scurry for cover; it was just about time to clean up for supper so the group headed back to our nearby hotel. I was curious about what would happen when what looked to be a wall of rain reached the town. I waited under the canopy of the Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge), a romantic, flower adorned, covered foot bridge (the oldest of its kind in Europe) and waited while the sky got darker and darker. People seemed to be oblivious to the fast approaching rain. As the deluge reached a bridge in the distance I watched umbrellas shoot up and people begin to run. Cyclists bowed their heads and cranked up the speed. Swans made their way for cover beneath the bridge which I thought might become crowded with people but I remained there mostly alone as the storm approached and then reached me.  After about 20 minutes the wet stuff tapered off, and I carried on to meet the others. It was a refreshing, meditative sojourn and made me even more appreciative of the beauty of Lucerne.

Tip: Enjoy your rainy travel days by packing waterproof rain gear appropriate for the season. Rain pants and hats can be particularly invaluable.