So I made a sweet discovery in our deep freezer where my husband keeps his personal stash of dinner foods and sugary goodies. He doesn’t cook so when I”m not around this is his emergency supply. I’m not supposed to go in there …. but …. every rare once in a while if I JUST HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING SWEET (read urgent), I’ll go deep freeze diving.

Well lo and behold I found four of my very very favourite, no it IS my favourite, squares from the Highwheeler Cafe in Baddeck. We go to Baddeck every year to gather with a gang of high school friends and their kids, the Inverary Resort on the beautiful Bras D’Or Lakes in Cape Breton suits our needs very well. They have an indoor pool, boats to borrow, a playground, conference/wedding facilities, and the little town of Baddeck is easily walkable to go to shops and restaurants. But most importantly the Inverary is steps away from the HIghwheeler where we usually go for lunch, either to sit in or to take away. It’s a sweet little cafe/deli/bakery with owners to match.

And the delectable square of which I speak is the chocolate pecan square and they must sell it by the truckload. It’s cut pretty big, has a shortbread base, caramel, pecans and lots of melted chocolate. Melt in your mouth like you wouldn’t believe and always so fresh because it’s so hugely popular and sells fast; usually in a six pack. They make it in huge pans. But thankfully, they are always available, at least when I’ve been there. Not sure what would happen if they told me they were sold out. Wouldn’t be pretty.

So I found four and ate two. Fair right?

Tip: We stayed for many years in the Wagon House rooms (a small building with four units) but last year we found it very tired, some things didn’t work, and we asked for another room. They offered us a fabulously renovated room as an alternative. In future, we will no longer be booking in to the Wagon House unless it is renovated.