My favourite kind of holiday is of the cultural, sightseeing variety with some experiential tourism thrown in.

My perfect day for this type of vacation might look something like this.  I’d be up out of bed very early to get some magical just before dawn and sunrise images. Then I’d have a delicious coffee followed by breakfast.  An action-packed day would have been previously planned.  This might not be everyone’s preference but when I’m in a strange new land, or even when returning to an old favourite, I love to see and experience as much as possible through the day.  Speed tourism I call it and there will be LOTS of photography.  There might be an organized tour planned, a day trip, a museum, or a cooking class. The day will be busy,  but with time allotted for a leisurely lunch and time to rejuvenate late in the afternoon.  At that time a coffee in an outdoor cafe and people watching would be just fine.  With my long lens I might capture some great shots of locals. After freshening up for dinner, with a reservation somewhere with great views and reviews, we’ll enjoy a fabulous meal reviewing the highlights of the day and talking about the days to come.