My mum mauling Martin Short

My mum mauling Martin Short at an NYC stage door

My mum knew that holidays meant weight gain.  She planned for it by losing weight beforehand.  Here’s another tactic.  If you want to avoid weight gain when you travel, perhaps take this observed tip from a celebrity.

I was dining at the Westin Hotel Gazette restaurant in Montreal and a young woman was seated by the host at a nearby table. She looked very familiar, TV familiar, and with the odd glance her way I contemplated this in the dim lighting.  She looked like a lead actress from a very popular TV series, but the woman I recalled from the show was blonde and this was a brunette. Her server was attentive with her as he had been with me and my daughter – great service at this restaurant.  Did he know who she was?  She had been seated in a quiet corner so was that a clue?

It was easy to hear her dialogue with the waiter because the table was immediately adjacent to ours.  When he came to take her order, she asked, “what’s the healthiest thing on the menu?” What a great question! He made a recommendation which she agreed to, but asked if it could be served with lots of vegetables.  And she started with a green salad.  She had a gorgeous figure and radiated youthful film star quality.

Now I WAS in Montreal and the delicious dining opportunities are fantastic and abundant. (Read more about that here.) But still, every meal doesn’t have to be eaten in holiday mode.  And mostly talking to myself here, when dining out we should always stop eating once we’ve had enough.  Different sized people need to eat different portion sizes so don’t consume everything on your plate just because it’s there.  STILL talking to myself!

So who was the mystery guest?  My daughter left while I waited to settle the bill , and I did a quick Google search to see if any celebrities were in attendance at Montreal Comiccon right across the street at the Montreal Convention Centre, the colourful Palais des congrès.  Bingo!  Julie Benz, of television fame was our almost dining companion.  Could have surreptitiously snapped a pic, but I chose not to.  When I told my daughter, that it was indeed who I thought it was (she had argued against my theory), she wished she had hung around to get an autograph, fan of the show that she was.  And the moral of that is, always listen to your mother:))

Thanks for the travel dining tips Julie!  Hey Chefs, what’s the healthiest thing on the menu?  And pile on the veggies!  Sometimes we just need that option.


Do you gain weight when you travel?  Share your tips for minimizing this common problem.

Comicon Montreal

Comiccon Montreal

comicon montreal

Comiccon Montreal