Adversity in all of its relative forms strikes everyone. But during life’s ups and even  during life’s downs choose to laugh as often as you can.  I keep a couple of visual reminders in my house, literally signs, one that says smile and one that says laugh.

During a particularly rough patch in one of my daughter’s life, following the death of a teacher, we went on a family vacation to Disney World.  Alleluia for timing because this was just what she needed.  After each fun-filled day and a sound sleep, she woke up laughing.  It astounded us but our little 10 year old girl had broken out of her sad reverie and was waking up laughing.  So, yes, I am a big big fan of Disney World.

Yesterday I was in a resistance pool in sunny Florida with her and my son.  We had each worked very hard to clear our desks as best we could before heading down for a holiday and joy was within all of us.  Something set us off and we started into improv type comedy and the jocularity that ensued was contagious.  We laughed and laughed and then when we went back to the condo, my daughter happenstanced on a documentary called “Improv” on Netflix.  Laughter and life’s weird coincidences – good times.