Galveston, oh Galveston! A couple of years ago we were in Galveston for a beach holiday, tagged on to a visit with my brother in Houston. What a wonderful surprise! We’ve done the Florida scene several times, both coasts, and it can get pretty busy. But in March this almost seemed deserted.  Lucky for us. I don’t know if was a result of devastation from Hurricane Ike in 2009 but by this time things were cleaned up.


We stayed at the Galvestonian (based on TripAdvisor reviews), a tall condo building. Units are all different because they are privately owned but property management and rentals are done on site – a beautiful lobby, and friendly staff at the front desk. Our unit was clean and nicely decorated in a beachy nautical theme with expansive views of the gulf and down to the very quiet beach. SO quiet that hubbie chipped golf balls when there wasn’t a soul around. This met our relaxation needs to a tea; with excellent dining and activities nearby. Driving out of Houston was a bit wild for traffic but then it was easy sailing, under an hour to get there.


So I couldn’t get Glen Campbell’s song, Galveston, out of my head the whole time so I thought, I should tell the guy what a great melody he wrote. A quick google search informed me that this might best be done through his online fan club and I applied to join. Didn’t expect to be rejected though! Hmmm, I know that I have sometimes stated that I’m not a big fan of country music (with some exceptions) but seriously?! You’re rejecting me? Oh well, I still like the song and would highly recommend Galveston as a sun destination.