Yee haw! Saskatchewan has some mighty fine cowboys! I met three of them on my travels there in 2013.

Silver haired Sheriff Arthur Denis is a non-stop storyteller.  When I visited, he was ruling the plantation at Champetre County, just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This rustic residential resort is open year round for conferences, family gatherings, weddings and the like. He’ll show you how to shoot an arrow, take you for a hayride, escort you to the maze, and lead you in all sorts of fun and games.  (now under new management – his daughter and son-in-law)

Arthur Denis, Champetre County

Arthur Denis, Champetre County

Vance Lester is co-owner of the award-winning Living Country Winery. Just follow the glint on his massive belt buckle and find him at his booth at the Regina Farmers’ Market or at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. The rhubarb wine is outstanding as an apertif.


Vance Lester, Living Country Winery

When handsome cowboy Garett Adam, co-creator of the Prairie Fire Ball, dares you to try this crazy beverage, just try to say no. Douse a flaming toothpick- pierced prairie oyster (look it up; it’s not seafood!) in your Saskatchewan distilled Last Mountain whiskey, eat it, and down the booze from the spicy rimmed shot glass. Grab a wedge of lemon and you’re ready to rock.


Garett Adam

But sorry girls, they are all hitched!


(I traveled to Saskatchewan as part of a conference and media trip, however, all views expressed are entirely my own.)