Fortress Louisbourg, Nova ScotiaAs a kid, I got my hand caught in the cookie jar in my grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen. I loved her cookies so much that I was bold enough to try to sneak a couple out of the cupboard.  But my Dad caught me, made a fuss, and I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know my French Acadian grand-mère and grand-père very well because of the language barrier and this wasn’t helping me.  But they smiled and continued to rock in their rockers like nothing had happened.

Well, I’ve longed for those cookies ever since and now I’ve rediscovered them. At Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia. They are just a simple sugar cookie, and I’ve certainly had many of those over the years. But this was finally it! Yummmmmm and I travelled back in time. Or maybe I was just caught up in this historic representation of a time long ago.  (Read more about the history of the settlement and fortress here.) It was all of french origin  (but captured by the English in 1745) so it made sense to me that I found my “french” cookie.  I walked around breaking pieces of it off out  of a brown paper bag wanting to proclaim my discovery.



I visited the park on Thanksgiving weekend, part of their shoulder period, so they were operating with less staff and it was pretty quiet. I enjoyed myself so much wandering around, talking to the interpreters, having a bowl of simple pea soup and a piece of bread in the cafe, and that cookie.  I  sampled a raw broad bean from the garden, pet the sheep, and lifted my face to the sunshine on this beautifully warm fall day.


It took willpower to take a cookie back to the hotel for my husband  (he does love his baked goods) but it was no big deal for him. After one bite he said that he had tasted them like that before. NO no no.  My discerning palette said that this one was special, to me anyway. Phew, at least he gave me the rest it.

The Fortress of Louisbourg

The Fortress of Louisbourg


I think she could be cast as Tom Cruise's sister

I think she could be cast as Tom Cruise’s sister


Side note:  I love Mr. Bean and my daughter and I frequently use the phrase “Look at all those guns” from the Christmas episode.  

[Mr Bean gets his Christmas present, a model kit, from his girlfriend, Irma]:
Mr Bean: Oh a classic ship… look at all these bits.. look at all those guns.