Hey travellers!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus here caring for a dying mother and managing her consequent death. It’s never easy to lose a parent, especially one that’s been in your care in a substantial way for a long time. She would have been 96 today.   But I’ve got lots of great travel coming up: Cape Breton, Ireland, Scotland, Florida, Singapore, Australia, and Mum would approve.


Here we are!

I caught my travel bug from her. She emigrated from a big city in northern England to a small New Brunswick town in Canada. Our family moved across the country to cities from coast to coast (Vancouver; Windsor, Ont.; Moncton; Ottawa; Halifax) and she relished each move, a new travel adventure. After we kids were grown, she took a job in a store to save money just for travel. She began to fly back to her homeland regularly and then to other parts of the world. (She also learned how to swim and drive a car when she was in her fifties.) She travelled with my Dad, solo, with friends, on group tours, with daughters-in-law, with my siblings, and of course with me. Her favourite destinations were New York and London and she kept reference notes for return visits to these locales. I’m so grateful that she showed me the ropes in both of these cities. But her adventures took her to many other countries as well.

My university graduation gift was a ten-day Globus bus tour around Europe, and a visit to her native Huddersfield to meet family. I stayed on for a month after she left and travelled the UK partly with a friend from home, partly solo, and partly with new travelling companions met in a hostel. After Mum suddenly became blind, her travelling came to an end for the most part. Although we did plunk her in a wheelchair for her ninetieth birthday and took her to her beloved Broadway, musical and celebrity enthusiast that she was.

I think that she lived somewhat vicariously through my travel writing in her last years, and enjoyed my reading it to her. She became my audience. To say that I miss her terribly doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So thanks Mum for your stories. They were the best ones; my favourite that you crashed a Mary Tyler Moore party and pretended you were Matt LeBlanc’s (Joey on Friends) mother, Trudy LeBlanc. Hope you are enjoying your latest travel adventure!


Here are a few pics of Mum with celebrities. She had quite a collection of them!

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Mum raved about Donny Osmond's kindness

Mum raved about Donny Osmond’s kindness


How did you get your travel bug?