Magnetic Hill Zoo

Magnetic Hill Zoo

A zoo and a winery.  That’s a dream outing for animal-loving, wine-loving me and when I last visited Magnetic Hill  Zoo  in Moncton, New Brunswick, I’m so glad that I spotted the Magnetic Hill Winery and B & B.

Zoos sure seem to cater to kids so I guess that means I’m a big kid.   I didn’t have much opportunity to visit zoos until I was an adult and now, wherever I travel, I’m thrilled if there’s a zoo.  Yes, I know that there are arguments both for and against zoos, and here’s a good article that looks at both sides. (click here).  I have such a deep affinity for animals that I long to be near them and I’m grateful for conscientious zoo-keeping.

I recommend zoos for all ages and here’s why:

  • You will develop a greater appreciation for wildlife
  • With a better understanding of the animals we share our planet with, you may be more inclined to aid in their protection
  • You’ll be getting lots of exercise as you wander the large geographical area that zoos encompass
  • You may be supporting a facility that rescues and rehabilitates animals, conducts valuable research, or is working to preserve endangered species
  • You just can’t beat a kiss from a camel
Magnetic HIll Zoo, 1995

Magnetic Hill Zoo, 1995

The Magnetic Hill Zoo website states that Magnetic Hill Zoo is a municipal zoo that strives to provide a safe educational environment for area residents and tourists alike.  They also strive to operate a CAZA (Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums) accredited facility that is focused on recreation, education, conservation, and scientific study.

Fortunately, I’m just a few hours from Magnetic Hill Zoo and I’ve visited there several times.  Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!  And ooh, I especially love the petting zoo area.  The goats and llamas are so happy and friendly to greet we homo sapiens.  Every time I’ve been there, it’s a different fun experience. Here are a few pics from my last visit:


hungryroad_magnetichill-15  hungryroad_magnetichill-4










So limit your zoo visits to reputable and accredited zoos such as this, where the animals are well cared for.  And here’s the big tip.  Plan on arriving when the doors open to get ahead of the school kid crowds.   Or determine another time when you’ll avoid crowds.  I last visited the Magnetic Hill Zoo on an overcast Labour Day (September 1) and it was so quiet and relaxing.  I was alone with the big lions for quite awhile before other visitors joined me.  Such a happy experience.

Lions at Magnetic Hill Zoo

Lions at Magnetic Hill Zoo

And I was delighted to notice the Magnetic Hill Winery and B & B as I drove away from the zoo. I stepped into the winery shop around the back of a beautiful 1867 farmstead, also a bed and breakfast, surrounded by farmland and panoramic views.  A group was just commencing a complementary wine tasting and I was soon offered a sip.  We tasted several varieties of fruit wines. The winery boasts a great selection of estate-grown strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb and local New Brunswick grapes, blueberry, cranberry, apple, pear and maple all vinted on site.  I purchased my particular favourite and a packet of chocolates for a dessert pairing.  Here’s their current wine list (click here) and for more information on the Magnetic Hill Winery and B & B click here. 



Magnetic Hill Winery

Magnetic Hill Winery

But what’s with the Magnetic Hill nomenclature attached to the zoo and the winery?  Well that’s a world famous magical stretch of road in the area – the original tourist destination to this part of Moncton.  At Magnetic Hill you will experience a unique phenomenon, that you must try at least once.  Your car will roll uphill!  As a child my eyes surely went round when Dad took the family to traverse that mysterious stretch of road.



Note:  If you are traveling with a youngsters, then you’ll want to combine Magnetic Hill, and Magnetic Hill Zoo with the nearby Magic Mountain Waterpark. 

View of Magic Mountain Waterpark from Magnetic Hill Winery

View of Magic Mountain Waterpark from Magnetic Hill Winery