For me there are three types of holiday – the stay close to home vacation day, the beach/resort relaxation holiday, and the cultural holiday.  And the perfect vacation day for each would be quite different.  Let’s look at what would the perfect beach/resort relaxation holiday day might look like.  Everyone will have a different take on this.  These are days I dream about.

You’ll notice that I’m not cooking on any of my three types of dream vacation days.  Food is a passion and I do enjoy cooking, but even more than that I love to try what the great cooks of the world are concocting.  On a perfect day, I would dine out for all three meals.

For starters I would be with my husband on my perfect beach/resort holiday.  We would be up at dawn for a sunrise walk on the beach and a great coffee, followed by a healthy breakfast.  Then we would have a quiet morning on the beach before the sun gets too hot, reading, reading, maybe some snorkelling, and followed by more reading.  I was always such an avid reader before the advent of google and YouTube and NetFlix.  Now I almost need to get away to find my often forgotten love of the printed paper page.  Since I prefer sitting in the shade, I’ll be moving my chair to avoid the sun.  The beach will be quiet; just the sound of the surf that soothes my soul like nothing else.  Once in a while I”ll tuck in my headphones and listen to some favourite music. (I suppose in my wildest dreams this would be a private beach!)

I love planning my selection of 5 or 6 books to pack in my bag. One of them might be an e-book to save space since books do add weight but I’ll only take soft covered ones. I enjoy leaving them behind for someone else’s enjoyment, and that opens up room in my bag for any purchases.  However, my perfect resort day would not include shopping.  In general, we don’t shop much when we are away; unless it is specifically a shopping trip (ah, a fourth kind of trip!).  I’d sooner save my money for more travel!

After lunch, there would be some sort of excursion or activity planned.  Perhaps an historic or cultural site to visit, a nature walk, a bike ride, a visit to a nearby town, some recommended activity.  Then there would hopefully be time for some more late afternoon beach time, walking and reading.  I love to be the last one off of the beach (in the winter months when it gets dark earlier), maybe with a cocktail.  After cleaning up from the day, we would and head off to a beach restaurant for supper with a quiet table overlooking water glistening with moon reflections, either on site or nearby. Oh and or course, I would have my camera with me all day ready to capture memories.

I should also mention another variety of vacation that I have not experienced.   There are those generous souls who combine holidays with volunteer or charity work of some sort like Habitat for Humanity.  That is on my bucket list and hopefully I’ll be able to report on that experience someday!

It’s fun to think about this topic and also useful.  It’s a way to suss out what brings you joy in life.  With that knowledge,  you can work to implement many of these things into every day!

What would be your perfect travel day?