The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota is an unexpected collection of world class art.  The beautiful building boasts 21 galleries and is the state art museum of Florida. Much of it is of a decidely religious bent as the Ringlings were most fond of that subject matter. Look way up in the outdoor courtyard at a bronze copy of Michaelangeolo’s David – magnificently grandiose.

For five bucks you can enter the museum just before dusk to participate in a piece of meditative art entitled Joseph’s Coat Skyspace, the creation of artist James Turrell. I, and therefore my family, was misled into thinking that it was more of a spectaular lightshow event and were overly expectant during the event for what wasn’t to come. But it is spectacular, albeit on a more subtle level than what our overstimulated society may have become accustomed to. But if you are even slightly into meditation, or have a desire to slow down and appreciate the simpler joys of life, I would highly recommend it.  I would go back and experience it again.

Either seated or lying down, in a square courtyard, you will gaze upward through a large square opening in the ceiling and over the course of an hour, lights of different colours and combinations of colours will be reflected on the ceiling surrounding the opening. The changes are very slow so don’t expect Disney World Illuminations! It’s magical how the sky will change in its apparent colour; from rich blues to purple to beige, dependent on the surrounding colour. Contemplate the sky like never before!

Tip: Take a yoga mat, or an extra sweater or two. Lie on one and put one under your head. Even in Florida heat, it can get a little chilly as the sun goes down, and lying still like that, so you may want a light blanket or sweater to cover yourself. Admission is limited so by your tickets ahead of time online at