Jan Napier
Jan NapierWriter / Photographer
Loving, curious, and hungry – that’s me!

I’m a freelance travel writer/photographer published in Saltscapes Food and Travel Guide, Porthole Cruise Magazine, Travel and Escape (online), Soar Halifax, The Chronicle Herald, Mingle, the Southender magazine, Bedford magazine, Trailer Life magazine, and more. A former food columnist (for four years), I have a passion for dining out and for recreating my favourite food discoveries.

I like to think that I’m a child of Canada; I’ve lived in Ottawa, Windsor, Vancouver, Moncton and Halifax.  And my British mother taught me to save money to travel (as she had to in order to visit her homeland) and I’m eternally grateful that she introduced me to the joy of experiencing the world.

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Join me, my family, and friends on our travels and let me help you plan your next adventure. I’ll be posting on Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada (my specialties), worldwide destinations, and have lots of travel and photography tips to share. Make your travel days the best that they can be. Carpe Diem!

For sample writing clips, and professional information, please visit http://www.jnapier.ca.