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WestJet Vacations – Is the Plus Upgrade worth it?

It’s a no-brainer.  If you are taking a holiday with WestJet Vacations, book the Plus Upgrade!  For an extra $50, that gives you seats up front, more legroom, anything and all you want off of the food menu, and all of your alcohol. If there’s availability you can book this ahead of time, when […]

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A Taste of Vegan Montréal

I have a vegetarian son and two vegan daughters.  I might have been a bit of an influence since I’ve dabbled in both eating lifestyles over the years.  However, it seems to be the other way around now as all three are having a strong influence on my eating decisions.  Lately, I’m mostly vegan […]

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Why not to have a beach wedding

There seems to be a growing trend for beach weddings.  I’ve stayed at a couple of resorts where weddings were happening and my thought was that it didn’t look all that appealing.  But that’s just me.  Here are some things to ask yourself if you are considering a beach wedding:
Will everyone that I want […]

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