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The best chocolate chip cookie in the world

Most everyone loves a good chocolate chip cookie; I sure do.  Well.  Let me.  Just. Tell you.  This was theeeeee best one that I have ever tasted!

Hubbie is drawn like a magnet to bakeries when we travel and I have to give him the credit for this discovery in Lucerne, Switzerland at Koch Ofenfrische Brotte […]

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A great travel stocking stuffer!

I love this doohickey.  Sorry that might be a technical term.  Last winter,  I was watching YouTuber Love Raw Vegan explain what she carries in her purse, in one of her minimalism videos, and a little emergency tool kit similar to this was included.   I had never seen them before but I could immediately appreciate […]

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Sexy Saskatchewan Cowboys

Yee haw! Saskatchewan has some mighty fine cowboys! I met three of them on my travels there in 2013.

Silver haired Sheriff Arthur Denis is a non-stop storyteller.  When I visited, he was ruling the plantation at Champetre County, just outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. This rustic residential resort is open year round for conferences, family gatherings, […]

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Plan around seasonal colour

Sunflowers in France, tulips in the Netherlands, Christmas parades, grape laden vineyards – when you plan the timing for your next destination you might want to consider what the seasons offer especially if you are into photography.

This year I finally timed a visit to spectacular Cape Breton, Nova Scotia during the peak season of […]

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