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Find recipes for your favourite travel meals

It takes seconds to look and who knows you may be rewarded like I was.

Gourmet magazine used to be great for finding and publishing recipes requested from readers; recipes for restaurant menu items that readers longed to make for themselves.   I think you can still find some of the previously print published restaurant […]

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A baby for your wallet?!

It’s a sad reality that travelers must be vigilant that they are not targeted for theft. Mainly a cause for concern in large city centres, at popular tourist attractions, and crowded places of transportation, it is an ever present and increasing threat as the tourism industry continues to grow.

One that amazes me in its […]

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“Look at all those guns”

As a kid, I got my hand caught in the cookie jar in my grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen. I loved her cookies so much that I was bold enough to try to sneak a couple out of the cupboard.  But my Dad caught me, made a fuss, and I was so embarrassed. I didn’t know […]

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Lemon Love Affair

Buongiorno Sorrento. Yellow lemony scented sunny Sorrento where a tourist can’t walk down the narrow commercial lane without being proffered a refreshingly cool limoncello. “Please, Signora, you like?” I was an easy target, on a day so hot that sweat was dripping down my back. Who could resist a cold sip here and another sip […]

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How to create your personalized packing list


I’m so happy with how my packing is going lately.  I have a great personalized list and I’m not forgetting things.  Here’s how I created it.
Creating your personal packing list
The next time you travel, make a list of every single thing that you have packed. Use categories like: important stuff, health and beauty, technology, […]

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