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Slow Roading

I went on a fabulous hike today. Okay, well I was driving, but what the heck I covered a lot more ground and my currently ailing right knee thanked me for it. From Edmundston to Fredericton, New Brunswick, I took the River Valley Scenic Road and it’s a trail of splendor. After that glorious […]

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Take Some Alone Time

Solo travelers have this nailed. There’s a little (or a big) something extra when you grab a few moments of alone time to absorb what is meaningful to you in your current destination, as recently revealed to me in Lucerne, Switzerland. My gang of fellow travelers could see rain clouds on the horizon so […]

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Choose to Laugh

Adversity in all of its relative forms strikes everyone. But during life’s ups and even  during life’s downs choose to laugh as often as you can.  I keep a couple of visual reminders in my house, literally signs, one that says smile and one that says laugh.

During a particularly rough patch in one of […]

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